Ai-Powered PCN Appeals tool by a concerned citizen. was created out of the frustration I faced when appealing a recent PCN and the pervasive nature of councils becoming more reliant on penalising motorists to the detriment of the high street.

Why Appeal A PCN was created

Councils in England have generated over £2 billion in parking fines in 2022.

Due to a lack of diverse income sources, councils are now more reliant on issuing parking tickets, with some councils making £800,000 per day.

This is to the detriment of the high street and residents peace of mind, as many PCNs are framed more as extortion notices with the “pay within 14 days” or we’ll double or triple the fine threat. Forcing most motorists to just concede and pay up.

I recently faced an issue with Haringey Council, who issued a PCN for “failing to comply with a prohibition on certain types of vehicle (motor vehicles)”. I challenged the PCN, stating that there were no clear signs indicating the street was not accessible at the time, and was informed by Haringey that “no motor vehicles except emergency vehicles were allowed on that street.” The PCN photo sent as part of the ticket clearly shows multiple cars parked on the street. I inquired about how those cars got there but never received a reply. In fear of the amount being doubled, I paid the fine. I wondered how many other motorists had been in the same position of being unsure of the legitimacy of a PCN and had paid it for fear of the fine doubling or being escalated to bailiffs.

This is what prompted me to create – a free AI-powered parking ticket appeal service. All a motorist has to do is enter some details about their PCN, and the AI tool will generate a personalised appeal letter they can submit to the issuing council.